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A 6 to 7 day journey of ritual, endurance & rites of passage

In traditional times the puhoro was a rite of passage for Ngā Toa o Te Hokowhitu ā Tū, the male and female warriors of rank. The warriors would undergo the ordeal as a test of endurance & determination & to strengthen their mental resolve. One must find a place of calm and acceptance of pain, and connect to their spirit through the breath, in order to transition through this hearty rite of passage. This requires preparation physically, mentally and spiritually.


The terms Taurapa and Pūhoro are derived from the waka tauā, the war canoe. The Taurapa being the rear stern post of the canoe, and the Pūhoro pattern represents speed, and is derived from the wake left in the water as the waka speeds through it.  Speed and agility, traits necessary for a warrior. 


Todays battlefield is a much different battlefield. Our modern world calls for our warrior spirit to endure the challenges of life differently to what our ancestors did. Nevertheless this rite of passage experience will usher you into a new level of self confidence on all levels. For this reason, all toa who are wanting to undergo this rite of passage will be asked to book out the whole week to complete this ritual (If you have health reasons for staging this process we will accommodate accordingly).