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    TURUMAKINA Half Day (3 hours) = $700 Full Day (6 hours) = $1300 Extra hours $250/hour IFYREFINI Half Day (3 hours) = $550 Full Day (5 hours) = $850 Extra hours $180/hour All rates include design time. We have a studio minimum of $350.
    Deposit of $100/day required and is deducted from final cost. It is non refundable and lost in an event of a no-show, cancellation or reschedule without adequate (7 days) notice.
    Cash or bank transfer. Credit card payments will incur a 2.5% surcharge.
    TURUMAKINA Consultation and implementation are normally done in one visit. Your booking request is seen as your consultation, so take this as an opportunity to express all of your concepts and requirements and pepeha for the piece. On the day of your appointment itself, Tu will combine his artistic input and cultural knowledge experience of over 30 years to come up with a unique ta moko customised to you. He does this by connecting to your energy and allowing the design flow to occur naturally through you. Hence the design comes from you in more ways than one - it is a reflection of your inner self. To ensure quality artistry and workmanship, Tu asks for full artistic license over his work. Implementation starts after a karakia (Maori prayer) which cleanses the spiritual energies around us physically and in our environment. IFYREFINI Every tattoo is curated uniquely for every client. Her design process involves understanding your concepts/ideas and then transforms your story artistically using concepts of sacred geometry and universal design elements from nature. Please be as specific as you can with the details as a preview of the design is only provided the the morning of your appointment, which allows for minor changes, if any. The more open minded you are, the better the outcome of your tattoo.
    THINGS TO DO + Shave the area you are getting tattooed + Eat and sleep well before your appointment 

 + Bring refreshments and snacks + Wear comfortable & non white clothing + Cash or PAYID for payment on the day PHYSICAL PREPARATION Besides eating and sleeping well, we suggest doing a "pure" (an ocean cleansing and healing ceremony) prior to your appointment. This could be as simple as taking a dip in Tangaroa with intention and karakia. This is a great way to reset and welcome your new markings. MENTAL PREPARATION AND INTENTION SETTING As important as physical preparation is, the mental cleansing you do in the time before the ceremony is just as important. We suggest you engage in a mindfulness practice (if you havent already) to set a clear intention for your experience. Continuing these mindfulness practices during and after the ceremony will also help you integrate the changes your new markings has revealed for you. INTEGRATION (especially for moko kanohi) The process of Moko Kauae/Mataora/Puhoro journey doesnt end after receiving it. In fact it's a lifelong integration of normalisation and revivalisation. You will most likely be on cloud nine for a few months and dont forget to smile and shine that light! Even when society is staring right back at you. Also seek advice, support and company from other moko kauae/mataora wearers.
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    We are a home based private studio on the Gold Coast. It is fully licensed, approved by council, health and office of fair trading departments. The set up is professional and yet comfortable therefore your tattoo experience is held in a serene and tranquil environment. The creative and transformative energies of our studio provides a healing space for visitors to connect with their body, mind and spirit, revealing markings etched on skin, which ultimately comes from within. We believe ta moko is a sacred art form, therefore the whole experience is performed in a sacred space.
    Based in Pimpama, Gold Coast of Australia. Address will be provided after deposit paid.
    Please note that this is not the only way look after your new tattoo, it is simply the method we recommend. DAILY CARE DURING THE HEALING PROCESS: Have hot showers, the hotter the better Apply anti bacterial pump soap when in shower and pat dry Dry heal it as much as you can, our bodies were made to heal themselves. However if you feel it requires some sort of balm, then apply balm on day 3 after your tattoo Wash hands and apply a thin layer of aftercare cream at least 2-3 times a day (we sell a natural aftercare cream which contains only beeswax and kawakawa, which is a healing native Maori plant and this usually cuts your healing time in half) Do not apply any ointment before getting into bed as doing so will stain your sheets PRECAUTIONS DURING THE HEALING PROCESS: Keep out of the sun Keep out of swimming pools and dirty water Keep covered if working in dusty or dirty areas Do not pick your tattoo when it starts to peel Do not allow others to touch your tattoo Do not scratch your tattoo when it starts to itch
    Yes we do. Click on the link and enter the gift voucher amount you would like to purchase and we will send the gift voucher via email within 1 day >> PURCHASE GIFT VOUCHER Terms and Conditions An Arts Elemental Tattoo Voucher can be redeemed for one (1) tattoo/ta moko session with your artist of your choice (unless the artist name has been stipulated on the voucher), according to their hourly rate. It cannot be redeemed for cash, returned for a refund, or be replaced after the expiry date. If the entire amount is not used, the remaining balance is void. If the entire amount is used and there are still a number of hours left on your tattoo, the balance must be paid by cash. If the voucher has expired, any remaining balance will be lost. Customers must quote the Claim Code stated on the voucher upon making a booking, and all Tattoo Voucher bookings must be made at least 2 months prior from the expiry date, as your Tattoo Voucher booking needs to be used before the expiry date. Most of our artists are booked 2-5 months in advance, so please organise a booking as soon as you receive your voucher.
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