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During Covid 2020 lockdown, I was privileged to be a part of a vital and awesome waananga with the whanau at Mahi A Atua who are sharing our Maori purakau (stories) which are the foundation from which we discuss and debate ideas about existence, knowledge, values, mind and language with an indigenous strategic framework. Its about time we indigenise the spaces we occupy. 

With this, a whole series of artwork relating to our Maori creation stories were born. These pieces are months and months of commitment and dedication which will now be released for purchase, with the intention of indigenising our spaces. 


To grow your understanding of Purakau Maori and cultivate a practice that aligns with an indigenous world view, please visit for training courses, both face to face and online. 

Ruatepuupuke - Print.jpg
Hineahuone - Print.jpg
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