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Limited Series Sale

5 NEW PRODUCTS Presenting the Limited Series Sale where we offer 5 new artworks. All in limited edition print runs, ie, only 10 times per product available.

+ KAUAE POUTAMA (Red/White) + 90 x 30cm + Usually $160, On Sale for $140 + Purchase >> Online Shop

+ TE ARA NAMUNAMU + 2 x 11oz mugs + On Sale for $50 + Purchase >> Online Shop

+ MATAORA HOODIE + All Sizes available + Usually $120, On Sale for $100 + Purchase >> Online Shop

+ TE HIRINGA + A3 Print + Usually $50, On Sale for $30 + Purchase >> Online Shop FEATURED ARTWORK Back in 2011, Tu had broken both his legs in a motocross accident. Knowing he would be in hospital for 2 weeks while awaiting surgery, Tu started this Whare Waananga series which was commissioned by Te Ngakoterangi to accompany his PHD research. This series of 9 paintings are the result of that project. 

We decided to offer it as a print pack on sale for AUD$100 (free shipping), with one simple kaupapa, to INDIGENISE YOUR SPACE.

+ WHARE WAANANGA SERIES + 9 x A3 Prints (29.7 x 42cm) + $100 + free shipping + Purchase >> Online Shop + To see more of my latest work, visit my Instagram >> @tu_moko

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ARTS ELEMENTAL | SACRED SKIN MARKINGS + Ta Moko & Tattoo by eco tattooists Turumakina & Ifyrefini + Based on the Gold Coast; tattooing worldwide


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